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  • Auditing Service

    Accounting documents are properly kept and updated

  • Bank Condition

    .. checking bank conditions and the proper utilisation of lines of credit

  • Declarations

    Verifying the proper filing of annual and periodic declarations

  • Income

    verifying payments for income and excise taxes, contributions, and taxes for the period of reference

Statutory Audit services

Auditing services are based on the growing need of companies for greater control in the administrative and accounting area, especially in light of continuing new developments in the fiscal area.

STUDIO DE ALEXANDRIS provides for a continuous monitoring service of activities performed by administrative and accounting personnel of the company, through specific activities of audits and controls directly at the company headquarters.






At the end of each audit, the relevant report is delivered to be evaluated by the management.
The service is considered of particular interest because it allows both to verify whether the compliance with legal obligations and the reliability of the people entrusted.
The principal services aim to :
* ensure that accounting documents are properly kept and filed;
* verify that accounting is updated and reliable;
* verify the correctness and the promptness of payments made for taxes, deductions, as well as National Insurance and insurance contributions for the period of reference;
* verify the proper filing of taxes returns made autonomously;
* verify the expiration of credits and debts and the possible irregularities in payments;
* analyse possible expenses and proceeds irregularities as well as financial operations;
* check bank conditions and the proper utilisation of credit lines;
* further checks as provided by the relevant regulations and auditing standards.