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  • Financial Advice

    It can create concrete opportunities to access Italian and EU support funds

  • Gathering information

    .. arranging and forwarding demands

  • Burocracy

    Management of relations with authorities or credit agencies

  • Target

    Debt consolidation - Technological modernization - Foreign commercial penetration - Investment planning

Financial Advice

Since years, STUDIO DE ALEXANDRIS cooperates with guarantee authorities and consultants operating in the financial assistance sector, with a view to an optimal consulting service for their clients about the type and the characteristics of the necessary financial interventions, suitable for their own company.
This target is achieved also through the good business relationship with banking institutes operating in the surroundings with which financial operations have been made before, turned out well in terms of disbursement and reimbursement.

The growth of the companies economic system must be based on the correct use of the financial leverage during all the phases of a business life cycle




The main activities carried out are the followings:
* company check up aimed at revealing business and/or investment characteristics, so as to identify the most suitable financial tools to demand on the market.
* gathering information and arranging demands for the attainment of financings and/or contributions;.
* assistance and activity management with authorities, corporations or credit agencies;
* solving problems occurred in previous financial matters;
* assistance during inspecting agencies controls.