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  • Business Development Consulting

    Start up a business

  • Develop of Business plan

    Preparation of reporting schemes and procedures

  • Control

    Prepare accounting and property reports

  • Support

    Assistance during sales, mergers, contributions, split-ups, spin-offs and liquidation of companies

Business Development Consulting

STUDIO DE ALEXANDRIS provides for consulting aimed to:

Opportunities for consolidation, development, and diversification of company activity have become increasingly common in the life of companies.





• choose the best type of company and establish it;
• start up a business;
• perform an economic/financial examination of projects through specific business plans;
• national and international fiscal planning;
• evaluation of the company;
• open affiliates or acquire companies;
• draft joint venture agreements;
• assistance for contributions and public financings requests;
• fiscal and legal assistance in negotiations and settlements;
• fiscal and legal assistance for business and corporate reorganization operations.