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  • Operating Support

    Control of subsidiaries performances

  • General company check-up

    analyzing existing data

  • Financial reports

    in economic-financial terms and regarding assets

  • Diagnosis and control of the company financial structure

    Schedule of sources/investments, analysis of net floating capital, etc..

Operating Support

This type of service has become increasingly common in our professional duties. The experience gained in many years of activity supporting various types of enterprises, allows us to prepare extremely useful operating control systems to report data and information about strong and weak points in the management and where and how to intervene.

This service has become especially useful for a direct support regarding long distance control and review of subsidiaries performances as well.




In brief, operations support activity includes:
* general company check-up by analyzing existing data;
* sessions with management and continuous support in resolving ordinary problems;
* preparing targeted economic and financial budget models and analyses of variances;
* preparing specific indices to be applied to periodic economic – financial reports, which are useful for ongoing monitoring of the effects of decisions made, both in economic-financial terms and with regard to assets;
* examination of existing and alternative sources of financing;
* diagnosis and control of the company financial structure (schedule of sources/investments, analysis of net floating capital, ratio of shareholders’ equity to borrowed capital, cash flow analysis);
* reviewing contracts with customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators, banks, insurance companies and others;
* set-up of administrative office.