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  • Management Consulting

    Organizing all resources to lead the company to reach the targets

  • Data acquisition and Analisys

    Preparation of reporting schemes and procedures

  • Personnel training

    For preparation of budget statements and their interpretation

  • Data evaluation

    Verify the decision made effects and corrective actions

Management Consulting

Small and medium sized Italian businesses are increasingly involved in adopting sophisticated company management techniques similar to those of large corporations.

Adjustment is not always possible or immediately feasible due to the lack of specialized company staff expressly responsible for control.





Consultancy about herein above mentioned topics is based on the following three main phases:
* the first, regarding the project start-up activities, initially provides for an adaptation of the existing information system, in order to obtain data, and then preparation of reporting schemes and procedures;
* the second one involves the personnel training necessary to guarantee the proper acquisition of data, preparation of budget statements and their interpretation;
* the third one involves evaluating the data obtained, verifying the effects of decisions made and the promptness of corrective actions.