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  • Traditional Consulting

    A continuous support to Clients since the beginning of their Business activity

  • Reports

    Mid-quarter year accounting reports

  • Burocracy

    Computerized transmission of tax statements

  • Accounting

    Accounting assistance

Traditional Consulting

What is known as "traditional" consulting ...

Includes all the professional activities in the fiscal and corporate area aimed to support companies.



* periodical assistance and corporate fiscal and accounting consulting;
* periodical audit and balance sheet check;
* drawing up of mid-quarter year accounting reports; 
* assistance and drawing up of budget and reporting schemes requested by foreign Holding companies for their Italian branches;
* estimate and definitive calculation of tax;
* drawing up and computerized transmission of tax statements; 
* drawing up and filing of tax refund queries;
* drawing up of balance sheets, attachments and financial statements;
* dispatch of newsletters and informational notes on the most significant fiscal accounting and financial legislation; 
* daily telephone assistance;
* direct assistance for board/shareholders meetings on company premises;
* drawing up of Board/Shareholders meeting minutes for company decisions and resolutions;
* management of administrative compulsory fulfillments c/o Tax and Law Firms;
* company domiciliation;
* assistance and management of real estate leasing relationship and general fulfilments.